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Christine.Biz is a site to help educate you in using Twitter, Facebook, and Aweber to build leads, Blogging to build repertoire, and how to build a professional website via StudioPress.

The site contains extensive articles and videos on how to use the best blogging platform (WordPress) and social media tools, along with case studies and interviews.

The mission is to help you build an awesome presence online. Come on board!

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About Christine

Founder & CEO: Christine McCarthy is the founder of Christine.biz, Voodoo Six Media, and Optimus Rank. You might know her as MoneyFunk (www.moneyfunk.net). She’s back to her self-taught Tech SMOooozing self (SMOooozing a word? We mean Social Media Optimization).

Christine likes blogging, tweeting on Twitter (@christinebiz), has a secret crush on Brad Pitt (Fight Club), driving herself insane with coding, and wants to show you how to build an awesome presence online.

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For the Press

To contact administrator Christine McCarthy via email at christine@christine.biz or 951-790-2544.

Media page: ChristineMcCarthy.net (yup, she has one) ;)

Bio: Christine McCarthy is social media enthusiast and successful blogger. She helps bloggers discover Web 2.0 & SEO marketing strategies and tools that will guide them playing BIG on the internet. If you are ready to take blogging to the next level, check out Christine’s blog at www.Christine.Biz.

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