StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package Quick Sale

studiopress with genesis framework

If you're looking to get the StudioPress Pro Package - NOW is the time. Until Tuesday, get all 46 StudioPress child themes, plus every child theme design we make in the future, for only $299.95. That’s a savings of $912.75 off the price if you purchased everything separately. Plus, you can use your StudioPress returning customer promo code – SPRC25 – at checkout to *save an additional 25% off* the already killer bundled price. Sale ends Tuesday, August 28th @ 5pm PST. I've been a StudioPress designer for over 5 years now. I don't care [Read More...]

How to Change Permalinks in WordPress without Breaking Links

broken permalinks

Let's learn from my mistake, shall we? A couple weeks ago, I changed the Wordpress permalinks on another site of mine. The site is growing up and I wanted to make the Wordpress permalinks more user friendly. I read somewhere that if I changed the Wordpress permalink settings it wouldn't break my links. I went with that notion. And simply because I knew there was always a tech issue to resolve when changing things. I would deal with the potential issue as it came. Well, it did redirect the permalinks on the site. But I was oblivious at the [Read More...]

How to add your Twitter Username to the AddThis Plugin


Tired of seeing "@AddThis" when you retweet content? Why not give the recognition your post deserves by updating the @AddThis field with your Twitter username. I'll show you how. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO... I added on a separate section towards the end of the video. I show you how to update a wp theme other than StudioPress. Plus I show you how to add more than one Twitter username in your code to work, too. <a class="addthis_button_tweet" tw:via="twitter_username"></a> <script> var addthis_share = { templates : [Read More...]

10 More iPhone Apps for Instagram Fun


You know an app is going strong when celebrities like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez join the fun. And brands like Starbuck's and Playboy use it to enhance their brand. At the same time average users, like me, are constantly checking friend's updates and posting new pictures. Yes, I have discovered 10 more fun apps to enhance your photos for Instagram. Well...not only enhance, but save and display, too. Have fun and enjoy! Hope to see you on Instagram. CalendaGram - An Apple app available in the Apple Store online, this allows you to [Read More...]

6 Fun Web Apps for Instagram

extragram for instagram

While I feel I belong to an iPhone exclusive members only club with Instagram, it is cool to expand the fun with IG users and non-users across the web. Whether its checking stats (like who likes me most - LOL), discovering cool places to travel from other IG users, to making a cool coffee table book for my friends to check out or covering my fridge with mega magnets. Expand your Instagram fun from your iPhone to the web with these great programs. Extragram - Created with the idea that there are many beautiful Instagram photos out there [Read More...]

10 Apps to Make Instagram Photos Fun

Instagram is Fun!

Instagram is an addicting little app that works a lot like Twitter, but with the addition of showcasing your photos. In respect, it has followers/following, uses hashtags to popularize a stream, and allows you to use the '@' symbol to reply to people. Featuring a dozen filters and the ability to tilt-shift makes enhancing photos fun. Well, it must be fun considering Facebook just came out with some near replications of Instagram's filters for users on their site. ;) Instragram gives you the fascination of viewing a person's life through [Read More...]

Hit “Send” too soon? How to retract Gmail messages


Have you ever hit the 'send' button to realize you made a HUGE mistake? Say... send out an email to 500 people, only to realize you didn't 'bcc' their address. Meaning everyone had access to the list of emails. Ya, I did that when sending out a mass email to my readers about an event. *slap the hand* And when I realized what I had done...I scurried to find out how to retract it. Come to find out, retracting is not a default feature like some email accounts have. And that resolutions for Gmail users only come in time for the next email [Read More...]