5 Reasons Why Captain America Should Be a Blogger


Captain America - the embodiment of all that is right in the good old USA. A weak and feeble man transformed into the perfect human by a country that needs his help. But a blogger? Well, sure. While Captain America is a bit short on superpowers, he is capable of unbelievable stamina and super speed. Not to mention he drives a Harley and carries a frigging shield. But what specific characteristics would make Captain America a good blogger? What would he have to offer the blogging community? 1. He's Not Afraid to Tackle [Read More...]

Top 16 Places Where You Can Hire Someone Without Losing Your Shirt

Virtual Assistant

If your business is starting to get off the ground a little bit (finally!) I'm sure you're thinking about getting some help and maybe hiring someone. Of course, you can simply go to craigslist, write about the kind of person you're looking for and how much you're willing to pay, but in the end, there are better ways of finding new pair of hands to work. First and foremost, you have to decide whether or not you need someone full-time; for a single project; or just to do a specific one-time task. This is an important decision because it [Read More...]

Are you maximising your impact on Twitter? Buffer Helps


This is a guest post by Leo Widrich As Twitter is adding a staggering amount of 460,000 users every DAY, the potential amount of readers and followers you can reach is getting bigger at an incredibly fast pace. In order to make the most of this opportunity some 50,000 different Apps exist. They all try to make your life easier and better structured on Twitter. However knowing which ones are the right for you can be tricky at times. With this post I want to introduce to you one super simple App called Buffer. It allows you to tweet [Read More...]

6 Ways to Constantly Produce Quality Blog Content

Writer's Block

Are you suffering from blogger’s block? Is it hard to find time to create content for your blog? If so, look no further. This article lists some easy-to-implement tips to help you get over the hump. But first, there’s a big myth (and it may be your roadblock) that needs attention. The Myth: I Have No Time to Blog Every now and then I poll my blog readers and ask about their challenges with blogging. Without fail, most people say that their number-one challenge is that they don’t have time to write on their blog. Frankly, I think that [Read More...]