Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide [interview with Kristi Hines]

This is an interview with Kristi Hines,, about her new ebook, Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide.

I am so glad that I read your ebook, Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide: How to Increase the Popularity of Your Blog Posts and Articles. Well worth the price of $37.

From my standpoint, I do many of things listed in here. But I was quite happy to find some new methods or applications to help increase my promotion. [Kristi knows her stuff!]

And I wanted to point that out, because this ebook will help bloggers, freelance writers, article marketers with no experience to those that are well versed. If you use the guide, you will get your money’s worth from this ebook ten-fold.

History of

Q: Kristi, tell me a little history about

A: Kikolani actually started out as a personal domain for poetry and photography. As I wanted to grow the site more, I began reading about online marketing for bloggers, and began to write about the actual blogging process. After going through ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Building a Better Blog, I focused the site on just blogging and social media which has led to its success.

Poetry and Photography to Blogging. That’s great! And I believe a natural evolution, as I have done the same.

Researching Your Competition

Q: Now in the beginning of the ebook you talk about Researching the Competition with PostRank. This is great to point out. Because taking the time to research can definitely help set you ahead from the ‘other’ posts. Thus, increasing your visibility.

Can you recall a guest post that completely went viral and can attribute that to taking the time to research on PostRank? [Please share the link with us. We'll see if we can re-viral it. Is that a word, re-viral? ;)]

A: One thing you will find with PostRank is that lists work magic on almost any site, especially if it is targeted to a social media / blogging / SEO audience. Probably one of my most popular posts to date from my own site was Women in Blogging: 125 Fearless Female Bloggers. I used PostRank to find some of the engaging bloggers in my niche and branched out from there.

Oh yes, this is a great post! The first time I read it, I made sure to follow every single one of them in Twitter.


LinkedIn Groups

Q: You run the popular LinkedIn Group, Women In Blogging. I am happy to be a part of it. I think I joined after Kim Doyal, producer of Women in Business Movie and, introduced me to the group. It’s a great support group.

LinkedIn is a site I definitely find beneficial. There are so many great contacts I have made. And I was happy to learn new methods of promotion on LinkedIn with regards to sharing your links with your groups.

It’s funny you mentioned the word, ‘real estate’ in that section. Because I often refer to my vast connections around the web as ‘real estate’.

If you don’t mind sharing, how many groups do you belong to with LinkedIn? And what are some good groups, in addition to Women in Blogging, should we look into joining?

A: I am maxed out with memberships to 50 groups right now. I am in large groups that cover a variety of my interests, from blogging, social media, and photography, as well as smaller groups for specific events I attend such as Blog World Expo and the Social Media Examiner success summits.

When you’re looking for groups to join, you want to find groups that have lots of good active discussions (not just ones where people are posting their own content, but where people are actually responding to that content). I also try to find very large groups because you get the chance to connect with group members directly, so the larger the groups you are in, the more chance you have to connect with just about anyone in your niche.

Answers as Promotion

Q: I want you to know, I learned some great new promotional methods from your Targeted Message, StumbleUpon, and Answers promotion section. And I can’t wait to utilize them! In fact, I think the Answers promotional section sounds like a secret arsenal tactic.

A: Answers is not just a great way to promote something you have already created, but also a good way to come up with new writing ideas based on others’ questions. Depending on how quickly you can write a post, you could always answer a new question, post it, then add it as an answer. The newer the information, the more useful it will be.


I can honestly conclude, this is one of the best ebooks I have read. Seriously. Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide, really is the complete manifesto into promoting your blog. And there are lots of solid tips in there. In fact, I tried out a couple of them this past weekend with great results!

Kristi, thank you for taking the time to allow me to interview you. And for offering some great insight into blog promotion to the readers of this site.

Kristi Hines, Thanks for the interview opportunity Christine! If anyone has any additional questions or comments, I will reply here or they can reach me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or through my website at


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  1. Hey Christine. I bumped into this on StumbleUpon today so some of the techniques you learned from Kristie are working for you already!
    Thanks for the interview and giving us a sneak peak at some of the content in the book. Kristie is dynamite!

  2. Nancyanderson says:

    Great blog Christine – I enjoyed hearing of some of Kristie’s secrets! Thanks!

  3. merci pour cette nouvelle, un l’histoire de papier commode rapide et super.


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