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Getting Started: A Resource Page

If you are new to blogging and social media or looking for more information on the subject, then this page is for you.

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  • Even Bloggers Need a Strategic Business Plan Bloggers get tunnel vision – letting their one blog be their only money making source in their strategic "business" plan. But even "A" list bloggers do more than just blog. This post looks at expanding a blogger’s strategic business plan.
  • 5 Secrets for Coming Up With Blog Post Ideas As a blogger, you might need to accept that you will face these periods of writer’s block on a regular basis, but you can also take a few practical steps to come up with blog posts ideas. Here are five secrets I’ve learned along the way that have help me get out of my writer’s block and back on the blogging track.
  • You’ve Identified Your Blog Market, Right? Identifying your target blog market, you can create or sell more tailored products of increased value. Having a large target audience is not always better than having a smaller niche or group of people to sell to. Identify your blog market.
  • Auto Post Your Blog Posts to Twitter, Facebook, and More! Your blog, as part of your content marketing strategy, can take up a lot of hours in your day. There is keyword optimization. Writing your scannable blog post. Finding pictures for your post. Then when you publish you need to spread your content around the web using your many social media accounts. What if I told you, I can make the last step easy for you?

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  • How to Install WordPress + StudioPress Genesis Theme Framework The following is a step by step guide, complete with tons of screenshots, that will show you how to install WordPress and the SEO superstar, Studiopress Genesis Framework, onto a web host like BlueHost. Basically, this is the process I use when you order a WordPress Installation service.
  • How to Install a StudioPress Child Theme A StudioPress Child Theme is an easy way to complement your website with a professional design – without paying lot of money for it. Currently 35 child themes in the collection. An awesome addition to the Genesis Framework. Makes changing your site a snap.
  • How to Add a Logo to Your StudioPress Site The StudioPress Genesis framework theme settings make it easy for you to add a custom logo. The Genesis theme settings gives you the option to display the logo as dynamic text or an image logo. In addition, you can widgetize the right header space to add more unique content to your blog or website.
  • StudioPress Child Themes Want a professionally looking theme without the hassle of installing it yourself? Check out all amazing designs by StudioPress and have it installed and the features maximized for one low fee!

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