Top 16 Places Where You Can Hire Someone Without Losing Your Shirt

Virtual Assistant

If your business is starting to get off the ground a little bit (finally!) I'm sure you're thinking about getting some help and maybe hiring someone. Of course, you can simply go to craigslist, write about the kind of person you're looking for and how much you're willing to pay, but in the end, there are better ways of finding new pair of hands to work. First and foremost, you have to decide whether or not you need someone full-time; for a single project; or just to do a specific one-time task. This is an important decision because it [Read More...]

Hit “Send” too soon? How to retract Gmail messages


Have you ever hit the 'send' button to realize you made a HUGE mistake? Say... send out an email to 500 people, only to realize you didn't 'bcc' their address. Meaning everyone had access to the list of emails. Ya, I did that when sending out a mass email to my readers about an event. *slap the hand* And when I realized what I had done...I scurried to find out how to retract it. Come to find out, retracting is not a default feature like some email accounts have. And that resolutions for Gmail users only come in time for the next email [Read More...]

How to Use Aweber Email Autoresponders to Make Money Online


You have the opt-in list. The free ebook to offer to your subscribers. But how do you engage and build a relationship with your new subscribers? Easy. With an email autoresponder software like Aweber. It's no secret that email campaigns can be very lucrative. So let's look at how a successful entrepreneur can use Aweber in an email campaign. This is an actual representation of a successful campaign. I will typically research the way people/businesses run certain aspects of there business. Then I try to recreate or model their method [Read More...]

How to Add a Custom WordPress Avatar


There is a How-to video at the end of the post. An avatar is a way to help brand yourself. It is usually a logo or picture of yourself that shows up when you leave a comments in a blog post. With Wordpress, they give the ability to default a user's Gravatar account when they comment with the associated email address. Here is an example: But if a person leaves a comment on your blog with an associated Gravatar account or mistypes the proper email account, a default WordPress avatar is used. You, the site owner, have the [Read More...]

How to Install a StudioPress Child Theme


A StudioPress Child Theme is an easy way to complement your website with a professional design - without paying lot of money for it. There are currently 35 child themes in the collection. They are an awesome addition front to the Genesis Framework. And don't worry if you are not a web developer or don't understand that html stuff. The StudioPress developers made it easy for you. Just need install and activate. That's it! Makes changing your site a snap (remember Oakley Sunglasses? Where you can change out your frames whenever you wanted? [Read More...]

10 Social Media Sites to Like on Facebook

Mari Smith

Facebook is a great tool for business networking. There is a different level of connection found on Facebook compared to other social media sites. You can post on the wall more than 140 characters and the conversation is threaded to keep the talk going. Many times, the über important people, are a lot more conversational on Facebook than their other social media accounts. That is why today I thought it would be valuable to note 10 social media sites worth liking on Facebook. There is always awesome content on Facebook to keep me current [Read More...]

Even Bloggers Need a Strategic Business Plan


Bloggers face an issue when they transition their hobby blog to business. Bloggers get tunnel vision - letting their one blog be their only money making source in their strategic "business" plan. I put that in quotes because most bloggers do not have a written business plan. Heck, most internet marketers don't have a business plan. A lot of this business seems to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants or you own a huge whiteboard to keep track of link strategies (the whiteboard is my next purchase). However, there comes a time when most [Read More...]