How to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Site from One Post


Ask friends to help spread your content on Twitter & Facebook, too. Spreading Valuable Content on the World Wide Web is important for increasing traffic to your blog or website. I wanted to show you a marketing tactic that works for increasing traffic to your site. And its all FREE (I love FREE marketing. Don't you?)! ONE Post Take a post, any post. You now have a gold mine on your screen. How so? Take your one post and... Create a PowerPoint Presentation Early, we discussed taking about an hour of your time to create a [Read More...]

How PowerPoint can Draw in 1000s of Readers

Microsoft PowerPoint

Have you considered building PowerPoint presentations to draw readers to your blog? Take an hour of your time to create a unique presentation and upload it to a free account. It has the capacity to draw in thousands of readers. Don't have PowerPoint software on your computer? Download for free to create presentations (.opd) that are supported for upload at How to come up with a presentation topic The benefit of PowerPoint presentations is that they don't need to be long. Presentations talk [Read More...]

End of a Great Year. Start of an Even Better Year.


The ending of a year. An earmark of great accomplishments for me. Yet starting another blog, I feel just above level of square one again. "Hang in there", I tell myself. I know what it takes to grow a blog. Persistence is definitely one of them. Yet, at the same time I have not been able to anchor myself down to this blog. Like a baby giraffe just being born - this blog is just gaining its steady legs. Which route do I want to go? Do I know enough to show you how to do the same? Yes, I do. I know what needs to be done to set solid [Read More...]

Keyword Optimization – Your Free Marketing Strategy

Keyword Optimization - Free Marketing Strategy

Keyword optimization is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Including specific keywords into your content will help you gain 'organic' (not paid for) traffic from major search engines, such as Google and Bing. Its can make the difference from ranking on page 1 or page 20 on the searches. Take advantage of this free route in maximizing your blog posts or webpage. Finding Keywords Keywords - when blogging consider what your readers are searching for. Find out the key phrases. As an example, we want to write about "cocktail [Read More...]

Top 5 Twitter Plugins for your Blog


Twitter is a great marketing tool. The single, simplest thing you can do to increase your blog's exposure - add a retweet button - like TweetMeme. I cannot stress that enough. There is great blog content on the web. Sadly, much of it will never be seen. Readers need a way to share your content. Add Twitter to your blog. Here are 5 Twitter plugins to help increase your blog's visibility. Let your readers tweet your blog posts for visibility TweetMeme lets your visitors send tweets about your blog posts. When the reader clicks [Read More...]

Installing WordPress Plugins


Wordpress Plugins - awesome tools that allow you to enhance Wordpress. Mind you, plugins are for a (meaning self-hosted) accounts. This is one of the benefits over having a free wordpress blog. Here is a video tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily install a Wordpress plugin from your Wordpress dashboard. (if you are viewing this from email, click the title link to see the video) [Read More...]