10 More iPhone Apps for Instagram Fun

You know an app is going strong when celebrities like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez join the fun. And brands like Starbuck’s and Playboy use it to enhance their brand. At the same time average users, like me, are constantly checking friend’s updates and posting new pictures.

Yes, I have discovered 10 more fun apps to enhance your photos for Instagram. Well…not only enhance, but save and display, too.

Have fun and enjoy! Hope to see you on Instagram.

  1. CalendaGram – An Apple app available in the Apple Store online, this allows you to connect to your Instagram account. From there, you select 12 photos to use as calendar images. Fully customizable, you select which photos you want for which months. These can be sent to yourself or to your friends and family. This is an awesome deal at only $24.99, as well. Best of all, it is very easy and straightforward to use! extragram calendargram please check to remove these, i had to add them in to follow the keyword order which i think was a mistake extragram calendargram
  2. Snapseed - is easy to use and offers excellent photographic effects. Snapseed provides access to photo editing tools that are surprisingly powerful through an intuitive gesture-based user interface. Automatic photo adjustment features instantly correct imbalances in contrast and color, and can be tweaked manually to suit your preferences. Snapseed gives an instant view of your edits, making it easy to glide through a variety of filters and enhancements and see the results in real time. The inclusion of preset effect combinations rounds out the convenience of the application.
  3. Sketchme is a simple and enjoyable application that turns your photos and images into fun and stylish sketches. Offering more depth than meets the eye, Sketchme provides numerous adjustable parameters that alter the sketch effect that is applied to an image. A simple, gesture-based interface allows easy navigation through the application. The included split screen mode shows just half of the photo as sketched, enhancing the effect of the final image. Most importantly, Sketchme supports both e-mail and Facebook connectivity so that new creations can be quickly and easily shared with family and friends.
  4. Wordfoto - makes typographic poster design easy and accessible to designers and amateurs alike. Wordfoto utilizes sets of words designated by the user to turn photos and live images into word-based art. The application utilizes eight included presets to allow for easy use, but also includes a breadth of customization features. Users can tweak such aspects as colors, fonts and shadows to create unique typographic effects and fine-tune the final image. Wordfoto rounds out its feature set with social media connectivity for easy publication of newly created images.
  5. Filtermainia - allows easy experimentation with a variety of filters that can be applied to both live images (the application opens the iPhone’s camera upon startup) or existing images. Filtermainia comes packaged with 12 filters, and new filters and effects can be downloaded for free, allowing access to a wide variety of features that can be removed as easily as they are installed. Filtermainia provides a platform for the easy creation of uniquely customized images through the easy application of new filters and, most importantly, the ability to combine filters through layering. Layered filters are removed quickly and simply with the “undo” button.
  6. Angryletters iPhone app is a fun and simple application that can be used quickly and easily by kids and adults alike. Angryletters turns a set of text into an image of that text composed of letters that look as though they have been ripped from magazine and newspaper pages. After the desired text has been entered, Angryletters offers the option to choose the sets of paper and letters that are to be used in the image. A preview image ensures that the desired effect has been achieved, and sharing via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter is easy. The application even includes instructions for sending a real card featuring the image that has been created.
  7. Super Retro  – is another cool I app I recently found, too. It makes it easy to add retro styling to images taken using the application’s quick, versatile camera. Super Retro allows supreme detail to be pulled from images using separate focus and exposure, as well as a unique “enhance” effect that brings superior detail to the dark areas within a photo. Preset effects and filters offer the opportunity to quickly enhance images. In depth customization options are also provided, and multiple effects and filters can be layered within any image using a simple control system. New filter packs offered through the applications upcoming store ensure that the photographic editing power of this application will only continue to improve.
  8. Picfx  – is an exciting app I recently discovered. It quickly applies high quality effects to photographic images. Picfx features a number of different frames and filters. The extent to which an effect is applied to an image can be easily adjusted using an intuitive slider. This feature, when combined with the ability to layer frames and filters within a single image, results in a powerful photo editing application that allows for unique photo customization options. The addition and removal of effects is simple, and the final image can be saved to a camera roll in high resolution. Photos can also be shared publicly through the application using an extended variety of social media and photo sharing services.
  9. Halloween Booth -  is a spooky photo manipulation application that makes it fun and easy to paint frightening Halloween masks on faces within photographic images. Halloween booth can be used within a live image from the iPhone camera or an existing image. The application provides a variety of ways to dress up a person’s face with Halloween-themed paint, masks and accessories. Halloween Booth then provides an easy means of sharing the spooky creations via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Postal Pix – while its not specific to Instagram, I thought it was worth mentioning. Postal Pix allows you to order prints of your iPhone photos directly from your phone. No hassle. No transferring fies. If you alter your IG settings to save the original or filtered photo to your phone, then you will be able to use Postal Pix for Instagram photos. And their prices are pretty reasonable.

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  1. Instagram is indeed opening a whole new world for people who like to take pictures. It is like having a mini slr camera and the effects are quite dramatic. It does entice people to become shutterbug crazy. Thank God for the Iphone and this makes me appreciate Steve Jobs a whole more.
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  2. Some very cool apps.
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  3. Good work Christine, we are still to use intstagram. I will keep reading your posts.

  4. Thanks for your very creative post and love to have it. Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of photos. I had been a crazy shutter addict because of this one. I’m so glad you’ve shared some.
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  5. I like your blog graphic – is it custom made, or maybe some public template? Where can I download it from?
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