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Your blog, as part of your content marketing strategy, can take up a lot of hours in your day. There is keyword optimization. Writing your scannable blog post. Finding pictures for your post. Then when you publish you need to spread your content around the web using your many social media accounts (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more). What if I told you, I can make the last step easy for you?

It is true. And the answer is Auto Post your Blog Posts. The three services mentioned below, will take the content you just wrote and distribute (or auto post)  it to all your social network accounts with just one click or email. These services are all similar in that you sign-up for an account, add your social network accounts, and you’re ready to go! Leave the bulk of your social media work to these autoposting sites and use your valuable time writing pillar articles for your blog.


Posterous makes having a website easy. When you sign up for a Posterous account, you can automatically begin to post everything online by using email. And you can send any type of file attachment (.doc, .xls, .avi, .ppt, etc…) and they will convert it the most web friendly format available. Yes, send audio files. You can send multiple picture files where they will resize the photos, create a gallery and post it. Send video files… you name it.

Posterous also allows you to autopost and update all your other social media services (YouTube, FriendFeed, WordPress, Google Buzz, and more) with your one email. Just set up your Autopost sites in your Posterous account. Then when you create a normal post via email, it will autopost to all those sites you just added. It can update your status on Twitter and Facebook. Post your photos on Facebook and Flickr. Your Blogger and Wordpess accounts will show your entire post.

Pro: Just post via email
Con: Can’t think of any is a service that allows you to autopost to your social networks all at once. Social accounts such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Blogger.

How does Ping work? With, you add your various social accounts (there are 32 to choose from). Then on your dashboard, you create your message and Ping It! Within 60 seconds your content will be posted to all your accounts with just one click.

Pro: Very Easy to Use
Con: Need to Login to Website’s Dashboard to Use


Amplify is a newer social blogging service founded in 2009. In fact, I just started using this service myself. Amplify allows you “to clip, share and spark conversation around articles, blog posts or anything else you read on the web.”

To start using Amplify you just drag the Amplify it! button to your bookmark bar. Then when you visit a site you like, click on the Amplify link in your bookmark bar, and you are given the option to ‘clip’ portions of the article you like, share the link, write post about it or microblog about the article. Post-by-Email is an available option for blogging, too.

And you can easily autopost anything you Amplify to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Buzz or other accounts you may have.

Pro: easy to use and you can schedule posts.
Con: Amplify clips show up as blockquotes on your blogs.

Are you ready to add some free time to your schedule to focus on what is most valuable?

{picture credit: Anne Helmond}

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  1. I use PING.FM regularly and also use Onlywire too to auto submit blog articles to over 40 networks.

    • I looked at Onlywire. What would be the benefit in paying for a service? 40 – thats pretty good. I submit to… Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Posterous, WP, FriendFeed, Tumblr…I know there is more. But probably no more than 10-15 at this time. Then its submitted to Then sending to blog voting sites like Blokube, Blog Engage, MMOsocialnetwork, ZoomIt, and more. LOL. Never a done job. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. :)

  2. Hi Christine-Good resources-definitely worth looking into. I’ll send it to one note and work on it soon! Really enjoying your site. You’re doing great!

    • Hi Barbara! Thanks for the kind words. Autoposting is great! Set up a blogger account, a account, etc… Use Amplify to send out the link to your most recent post on your PF site. Its about making it easy for people to find you in the WWW!

  3. Posterous? It can be glitchy with its Facebook posting. Also, they have some heinous up time issues. Almost as bad as Twitter USED to be.

  4. Hey Christine,

    This is just great. I love this post because of two reasons :-
    1) It is useful to everyone
    2) It reminded me of being active @ Amplify !

    Thanks !

  5. Mobi Critique says:

    Posterous currently has Amplify’s API blocked since approx. 3/21/11, supposedly due to spam. Since the direct link won’t paste in this comment window, just google “Posterous Amplify Spam” & you’ll see results to follow for more info.

    Posterous still has a lot of kinks but maybe they’ll get it together eventually.

    And Amplify is changing course, per recent changes (early March 2011). They now chop off headlines at 40-characters, & want their site to be more about “conversation” than curating news clips. Big shriek from users about all that, some jumped ship.

    I would provide links to that info but copy/paste (from iphone at least) doesn’t work in this comment window (Blogger comments have that same problem, but Posterous & Amplify comment windows work fine.)

    Ping I haven’t tried & probably won’t since you said log in is required. Whatta pain that always is.


    • I did not know about the Posterous block. Thank you for the update. However, I did know about the 40 character title limit in Amplify. Some users did jump ship, but many came back too. It just means getting creative with Amplify title tags. ;)

  6. Hey Christine, I just found your site and have been reading all the great content. I use for my auto blog syndication and I also use Hootsuite for some more personal syndication ( when necessary) I’ve never tried Amplify. I’ll be checking it out in a Keep up the great work. I’ll be back!
    Tony recently posted..Set Some Blogging GoalsMy Profile

  7. I have been using an app called AutoTweeterPro for sometime. It’s a small & very easy-to-use software, which tweets from my computer. I am using unlimited trial version,which is as good as free. Hope you will find this tip useful -

  8. Kim Josephs says:

    I use this rss 2 twitter script from ( ) and all my blog posts are auto posted to my twitter account.

    Hope helps someone!

  9. Pretty awesome listing but do you have any recommendation beside of Onlywire to auto submit to stumbleupon??

  10. Amplify has nice design and their service is also good.Btw I will have to check other tools you mentioned here.
    Hamlet recently posted..Prince Harry’s "Private Picture" PublishedMy Profile

  11. Just started using, and I see that they’re now moved to Seesmic. I’ve been using and onlywire so far. Looking for some new ways to auto submit. Please update if you find any new tools in future.
    Howtosection recently posted..How to Browse Facebook without advertisements?My Profile


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