10 Apps to Make Instagram Photos Fun

Instagram is an addicting little app that works a lot like Twitter, but with the addition of showcasing your photos. In respect, it has followers/following, uses hashtags to popularize a stream, and allows you to use the ‘@’ symbol to reply to people. Featuring a dozen filters and the ability to tilt-shift makes enhancing photos fun.

Well, it must be fun considering Facebook just came out with some near replications of Instagram’s filters for users on their site. ;)

Instragram gives you the fascination of viewing a person’s life through pictures. Not to mention, its enhanced my own life through creativity with pictures. I now seek out the fine details of the happiness in my life that I want to click and share with you; whether it be my quirky kids, my local travels, or the delicious food I whip up.

But what makes Instagram even more fun? The app developers that allow you to add more crazy enhancements to your photos. Check out these 10 great apps below.


Instagallery provides users with a simple and easy way to view personal photos and those from friends. Easily ‘like’ photos and search for one from your favorite photographers. Photos are viewed as thumbnails and you can easily toggle to view a full sized picture. AirPlay can be used to send the photos to the big screen as well. Pictures can be displayed as a slideshow and iPad users can set it to auto-repeat when docked for a great continuous display.


Adding labels or tags to photos can be a great way to remember the location or particular event. Labelbox gives iPhone users this option with a variety of unique labels. The app comes with 11 free label styles and the ability to purchase additional ones. Directions are simple and included on the main screen of the app. Photos that have been labeled can then be directly shared to a variety of social sites.


For the person who is looking for a more robust camera, Instaplus is a good choice. The app allows you to zoom up to 6 times, tweak brightness, adjust constrast and choose any filter along with any frame. Pictures are sent to Instagram with a single click and it is simple to post pictures to Twitter or an an email attachment. This app is constantly being developed, so future improvements such as blurring and support for hi-res photos is promised to be seen soon.


For parties or special events, Instaprint is an actual printer that will tag and label photos that were snapped through Instagram. The device prints out Polaroid-like paper photographs and gives people the option to view all of the pictures online as well. Instaprint is a unique way to share moments in an old-fashioned way.

Keepsy Instant Album

Sometimes, it is nice to actually see all of the photos from Instagram in a book format. For that person who is looking for a cool photo book of Instagram pictures, Keepsy is perfect. The online app allows users to select pictures from his photostream or hand-select the images that are going to be in the book. Tags and notes on the photographs can be personalized as well.


Combining multiple photograph is a great way to showcase before and after scenes of highlight opposing images. Diptic includes 19 different layouts, and photos can be easily manipulated. Brightness, color and contrast can be adjusted and photos can be rotated, zoomed, panned and mirrored. Once created, the images can easily be sent to apps such as Dropbox and Evernote and uploaded to popular sites such as Flickr and Facebook.


Managing Instagram photograph has become easier with Instake. This app gives you the ability to quickly and easily save images from Instagram directly to the iPhone’s camera roll. You are able to also open to Instagram or Safari and filter by particular categories. This is perfect for managing personal photographs, but any public images or those from friends cannot be downloaded.


Journaling is something that has seen a resurgence thanks to the iPhone. With Momento, you can keep a social diary and integrate photos from Instagram. It also allows you to incorporate other elements into the diary. Content from other web programs can be quickly added to the Momento diary. Photos can be tagged, personal information password protected, information can be quickly shared on social sites, and so much more can be done with this app. For the person who is looking to start journaling or the seasoned veteran, this is a must have app.


With technology, older methods often go by the wayside. With Instapost, real postcards can be sent using existing Instgram pictures. This is done right through the app and each postcard costs $0.99 to send. The postcards can be sent anywhere in the world and get mailed within 24 hours after you submit it.


This app makes combining photos and creating unique collages a breeze and a lot of fun. You simply shake the phone and random pictures combine to make one collage. These images can then be shared on your favorite social media site. Special images, captions and more can be added to the pictures for a neat personalized look.

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  1. What a timely post! Was doing a Google search on Instagram last night and didn’t realize there were so many websites and apps that use it! You can order prints, or a poster of all your Instagram photos. So cool! Thanks for putting this together!

  2. Ok, Christine, I really did not need another app to keep me busy and I haven’t used Instagram before, but seems I will be checking it out. I am such a sucker for stuff like this. I like the Momento the best out of these 10 (well, it sounds as the most interesting) so I know in which order I plan to do this. Adding to my to do list :)
    Brankica recently posted..Free Download of “99 Tasks for Blog Improvement NOW”My Profile

  3. Don’t forget InstaSync, it’s a super simple downloader for instagram.

  4. Bob Parsons says:

    If you’re looking to make photo collages out of your Instagram photos, try Picisto – http://www.picisto.com

  5. Great list Christine! Surprised to see so many apps that are specially made for Instagram. Will try them out ;)
    Steve Stretton recently posted..The secret to lasting success on Instagram…My Profile

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