Social Bookmarking to Increase Traffic to your Website

Social bookmarking is a great way to generate traffic to your website. Social bookmarking allows people to save their favorite webpages online. Then people can access their favorite bookmarks from any computer and share them with other people. The bookmarks are easily found through tags – single words that describe a page – making it easy for people to search for similar bookmarks of find bookmarks they have saved.

Who is Social Bookmarking for?

Social Bookmarking is not limited to bloggers. It is great for anyone who has a website, blog, or someone wanting to share or find great content on the web. Non blogger? Submit a guest post or article to a niche site. Make sure there is a bio including a link back to your website. Then invite others to submit that article to social bookmarking sites.

Please note, there are a zillion social bookmarking sites out there for your use. Some are niche specific, but others like Digg offer a wide array of categories.

Here is the list of 19 social bookmarking sites I personally use:

Biz Sugar
Old Dogg
Blog Engage


Generate Traffic to your Website

Social bookmarking is a great way to generate traffic to any website for the reasons below:

Browsing – People browsing social bookmarking websites can come across your site and click on it if it looks interesting.

Searching – People searching social bookmarking websites can come across your website. People search social bookmarking sites instead of regular search engines because the content is submitted by like minded users. Somebody searching these sites knows the results will be more relevant to their search than from search engines. Leading to an increased possibility of them clicking your site (aka – does your headline yell ‘click me’).

PageRank - Some social bookmarking sites do not include the rel=”nofollow” attribute attached to your submission URL. Meaning the links are indexed on the search engine (good thing). If you bookmark your link with a high PR site, it is likely to boost your PR. Of course, there is a lot of debate on how much value ‘do follow’ links attribute to page ranking in Google. For today’s matter – well negate the debate.

Don’t worry about whether the link in your social bookmarking submission is indexed or labeled with rel=”nofollow”. Just submit to social bookmarking sites to increase your traffic.

Search Engines – You can look at this one in two ways.

If PR applies, then your website will rank higher in the search engines. Higher in the search engines – more traffic generated to your site above your competitors.

Second, social bookmarking links from your website increases traffic because of your great content. Increased traffic can link to people backlinking to you as a way to show others your good content. And the effect can continue to spread. This factor also has the potential to increase your PR and help you to rank higher in search engines.

Just get out there and bookmark!

How to get started with social bookmarking

Yes, social bookmarking is great for generating traffic. I’ve only just begun to re-utilize this method. Why? Because it can be really time consuming. But none the less eminent towards success. (Automation? Yes, but I haven’t found one that is more effective over manual submission).

  1. Sign up – Visit each social bookmarking site and sign up for an account, confirm, and get started.
  2. Track – start a protected spreadsheet to track:

    Social bookmarking site | username | password | website link

    Trust me, it will save you tons of time from having to request ‘forgotten password’ (I’m experienced in this area ;)).

  3. Submit – it is not always advised to submit your own content. So make it easier for your visitors to submit your content by adding social bookmarking buttons to the bottom (or the top) of your content. These buttons will submit your pages to those URLs.

    If you have a (self-hosted) website then you can install the Digg Digg plugin. It is the easiest solution available because it is easy to set up, easy to configure, has many of the popular social bookmarking sites available and submits the correct link every time.

Don’t see your social bookmarking site available on the plugin? Check with the bookmarking site in question. Many have their own button available with directions on how to manually install it on your website.

Get out there and bookmark! Wanna submit my link? Just take a look at those arrays of buttons below. ;) (thank you.)

If you submit to social bookmarking sites? Which ones generate good traffic to your site?


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  1. I tell people to always submit their site to these site to give them a works 100%

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Since reimplementing social bookmarking into my routine and keeping website stats – I can positively say that I’ve seen a traffic boost. Will be interesting to see how long people stay on the site and exactly what boost number is. Analytics Time! (never thought I’d say that over Beer Time!) ;)

      • Kathy Mehraban says:

        Nice article, I am learning new stuff every day – thanks for sharing the tips. I have a suggestion for you regarding your worry about analytic time vs beer time…how about a beer while you view the analytics? Makes perfect sense to me!

  2. Hey Christine, do you have an opinion on which bookmarking site works best in the PF world, since you’ve been there?

  3. Nice list. Thanks for including Zoomit. :-)

  4. Great list Christine. Thanks for including Blokube. Retweeted.

  5. Hi Christine. Thanks for the list, I think I’m missing one or two from my arsenal :)
    StumbleUpon has been my new found friend traffic wise, but Blog Engage, MMOSocialNetwork and Blokube are my favorite long time friends.
    Have a great day Christine.

    • Ilene – I was talking with some friends – and while we agree SU has become once again a positive gain in boosting traffic – how are your bounce rates or average time on your site with SU stumblers?

  6. wow good list, and much work put into it. Thanks for sharing (no pun intended) Christine, my first time here, I like your site, clean, easy to read.

  7. Thanks for including SERPd on your list. Nice list for those looking to stay current.

    • So I thought it would be wierd to see a social bookmarking post on a social bookmarking site. But it has been awesome as all the founders of their sb sites are coming over. Pretty neat. ;) You’re welcome.

  8. A great post, very helpful and so much more than just a list!! Nice work!! Thanks! (I’m just loving StumbleUpon just lately!!)

  9. Hey Christine,

    This is a great list of social media sites that we can use to market our content. Even though I am familiar with most of them, I don’t use it all (thank you for the new ones !) (Thank you for reminding me about the old ones).

    Thank you for sharing the post,

    Jeevan Jacob John

    • Hi Jeevan – 17 and with a fierce passion for blogging. That’s awesome! Your site is great! If you have any sb sites on your list that I don’t – and you find them helpful – please share.

  10. Hi Chris,

    I’m a huge fan of social media sites but I will admit since I started blogengage I only use blog engage. I know why it’s simple I’m bias and I want to contribute to our community success at every chance I get.

    I do however have accounts on all the other sites so I can engage with our blog engage members. I like to help those who submit to our community. this actually seems to be the attitude of most of our members.

    I notice your blog engage button isn’t counting that is odd! Too bad it would show the 20 odd votes you got in the last 24 hours! This article was really popular amongst our members congratulations.

    Go social media Go, I just love it!

    • Brian! I need to totally thank you for the huge Twitter support on this post. Very awesome. Another founder – I think I have 3 or 4 in these comments. Too cool.
      I had to check out the button – yes, it did finally update. Woo hoo. I was skeptical of an sb post making it on a social bookmarking site…but its done quite well with the support of everyone.

      BTW – you are doing a fabulous job with Blog Engage. Keep it up!

  11. Social Media is the easiest way to attract traffic to your Site or Blog. The thing to practise there is not only to submit your link, but also to develop good relation with your followers and fans. Try to communicate with them, tell them what is new on your site, and if you are running a online shopping site tell them about offers they can get following you.

    Marketing Manager
    Rivaldo Gibbs

  12. Great list Christine! I am a big fan of social media sites. I have heard of most of these sites and they are great sites to use. As for the few I haven’t heard, I am going to check them out…

  13. Until lately, I did not have the feeling that social bookmarking worked. However, yesterday I was thinking about it, and today I found your article. I see the fact that you have written this article as a proof that it has to be giving good results.

  14. Definitely did not know about a lot of the social bookmarking sites that you listed so thanks! I use social bookmarking quite often for my job, and to save time, and because of my terrible memory, I have been using LastPass. It basically remembers your username and password for the sites that you specify so you can avoid logging in every time. It’s pretty great, especially if you work online all day.

    • I agree about the passwords. I definitely have requested ‘forgotten password’ many of times. Chrome will automatically save them for me. But I am not always working from the same computer. That’s why I mentioned tracking them in a .xls file. But will definitely check out LastPass. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Minor thing re the pagerank section.

    There is no such thing as rel=”dofollow”. A link is a do follow by default and you add rel=”nofollow” to make it a no follow.

    So if a link is missing the rel=”nofollow” attribute then it will pass pagerank.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Very Good link, thanks.

  17. Getting traffic from social bookmarking websites is easy and important too. I got some new social bookmarking sites here. Thanks to share here.

  18. Very nice list,
    Thanks for the post it makes the task more easier to go on all bookmarking sites & register there.Social bookmarking is now a very important factor in Search Engine Rank Position. One should never ignore it.
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  19. Great list of bookmarking sites. Here is a growing list of social bookmarking sites people can submit there website to for some Do Follow backlinks:


  20. Thank you for sharing this. I’m actually very glad I found the list of 19 social bookmaring sites you use, I haven’t heard of some of them and will be sure to give a few new ones a try.


  21. I always look for the niche social bookmarking site in any industry, you won’t get the same volume as if you got on to home page of Digg, but who ever manages that? The niche sites are easier to crack plus they send more relevant traffic (IMO).
    Matt recently posted..8 questions to ask SEO agencies pitching for your businessMy Profile

  22. great..yes social networking is the best way
    soren recently posted..Generate Traffic to your WebsiteMy Profile

  23. Great selections of social bookmarking sites. I’ll Add some of it to my list too since I already have have some of the popular ones.

  24. Nice article! Great list of bookmarking sites for every blogger. Social Bookmarking is good to get more traffic, moreover, it makes Search Engine index your page/website faster.
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  25. great post Christine and a perfect follow up would be how to actually succeed with social bookmarking. Plenty of people are seeing the value but don’t know fundamentally how to get to that “massive/viral” exposure level. After all the real value is not the SEO link juice, is the opportunity to have your posts and content read by a ton of new people that will bookmark and share that content with their friends.

    Herb Jones
    Chief Marketing Evangelist
    Online Potential inc – Smart Marketing for Small Business
    Herb Jones recently posted..What is Email Marketing? For Baja Tavern in Port Canaveral It’s a Packed HouseMy Profile

  26. Thank you for this great article! I personally wasn’t familiar with a couple of the social bookmarking sites you mentioned, I will definitely check them out!
    We recently launched TiltZero, a social bookmarking site and have devoted most of our time to making it better.
    You can check it out at and if you like it, take a gander at it.
    Thank you in advance!
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