How to Connect Twitter to Facebook

Did you know you can connect Twitter to Facebook? It’s a nice option to have. And eliminates the need to log into two separate social media applications. Once again, its automation!

And I’m totally in a Facebook phase lately. I am not keen on the social network for personal fun, but business wise its awesome. I even created a new Facebook Welcome page last night. Business wise, Facebook is an easy way to connect with like minded people and my biz contacts on a more personal level. More like a mastermind session.

Without further adieu, here are some great applications to help you connect Twitter to Facebook.

Send Your Tweets to Your Facebook Profile

1. Twitter for Facebook Application

Here is Twitter’s popular Twitter for Facebook application. One click easy to install.

2. Selective Tweets

Selective Tweets on Facebook allows you to post your tweets on facebook. But, you get to choose which tweets you want to post on Facebook. End a tweet with #fb when you want it to update your Facebook status from Twitter – simple. Now works with you Facebook Pages, too!

Post your Tweets on your Facebook Page

3. Involver Twitter Application

I recently discovered this one through Pat at Smart Passive Income.

The Involver Twitter application allows you to post your Twitter account as a wall in your Facebook Page. Now, you ‘likes’ (friends) can see your tweets within your facebook business page. It creates a Twitter Tab for easy finding. And I like that it displays Twitter stats in the header, too.

In addition, it stream your Twitter feed directly to your Facebook profile. Two in One. Win-win situation for me.

By the way, Pat, if you are reading this… Erica (from says you won’t trump the phrase ‘passive income’ (he is currently #2). More fuel for the fire, I say! ;)

Feed You Blog to Twitter and Facebook

4. Twitterfeed

This doesn’t actually connect Twitter to Facebook. But I thought it was a cool like-minded app to bring up.

Sign up for a Twitterfeed account. Submit your RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook account. And you are ready to have your blog posts automatically sent to your Twitter and Facebook accounts when they go live. Then you can track your stats, too! Sweet.

What is your favorite Twitter to Facebook app? BTW, there is even a way to connect Facebook to Twitter. If that’s your forté.

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  1. Hey Christine. I’m using Involver to add Tweets to Facebook and I think it’s great. They have apps for adding YouTube and Flickr too. Thanks for the link to Selective Tweets, I need to give that one a try.

    • I like Involver. However, it pushes my tweets to my personal profile. But I didn’t want all of them on my personal profile. So, as of last week, I deleted Involver and added Selective Tweets. Which seems to work better for me at this time.

      • I just checked and maybe they have two different versions because the app I installed is called Twitter for Pages. They show up on the Page but not on the profile. But hey, if Selective Tweets is working for you stick with it. :)

        • that is what I thought too. but somehow all my tweets were being pushed to my profile – while Involver was still installed on my Page. So I deleted Involver – as I could not find any other Twitter app installed. And that took care of the issue. Then I installed Selective tweets – of course, that only pushes to my profile – which is fine.

          Maybe I will try reinstalling Involver and see what happens. FB drives me bonkers! LOL.

  2. Hi Christine,

    I would like to send tweets from the company twitter account to the company facebook page which I administrate. But I have only been able to send them to my personal wall and not the business wall. How do I do that?

    Thank you for the wonderful article and for your help.


  3. Hey did you miss RSSgrafitti facebook app? That was the one I’m using, though I didn’t know there were so many alternatives. I liked that one which lets selective tweets.

    Howtosection recently posted..How to Auto Post Recent Blog Feed To Twitter Using FeedburnerMy Profile


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